Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Where I'm at!

I Like . . .    Nice People

Today I was wandering down the road minding my own business and a complete stranger smiled and said hello! Such a little thing, but just by making an effort to be a little nicer you could easily be making someones afternoon (like mine!). Check out Operation Nice - stories tips and encouragement for how to be pro-actively nice. I like it!

                   I Need . . .

 . . . Black Jeans

Mine are so well worn, and are starting to fade to a dark grey and going baggy in all the wrong places. Usually these are the one pair of jeans I can get away with wearing to work on a day other then Casual Friday! So, time to invest in a new pair! I am trying to decide between my middle of the road favourites from Jeans West, going super super cheap or really splashing out! Hmmm . . . decisions, decisions! 

                       I Want . . .  a Dummy
Bit of an interesting choice, but imagine how handy one of these would be when altering or sewing clothes from scratch! These seem to be called Dressmakers form's - I'm not a 'dressmaker' to be exact, I just fiddle around with clothes as a bit of a hobby, so don't want to have to pay too much . . . nothing suitable on Trade me . . . hopefully I'll find me one someday soon!

            I'm Reading . . . 

Kitty - Deborah Challinor
Today. I am in a bit of a panic as I havn't finished reading this just yet, and don't know if I will in time for Bookclub Thursday night. Its my first time and I'd rather not make a bad impression! Oops - Better get speed reading!

I'm Looking Forward to  . . . Mid Winter Christmas!

Inspired by the markets coming up in two weeks time, I will be celebrating Mid Winter Christmas for the first time ever! I love, love, love christmas. How spoilt am I getting to  celebrate it twice in a year! The best part? Christmas is all about the family, which is lovely. But to hell with them! This is one Christmas when I get my husband. All. To. Myself. 

Although he has banned me from putting up the Christmas tree. 

We'll see about that.

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