Monday, 11 July 2011

Viva la France!

With Bastille day coming up this Thursday thought I would add a little francais to my life with a week long celebration of all things french.

Mondays are always good for fresh starts and resolutions so . . . having put on a kilo or two since shedding my summer wardrobe thought embracing the french approach to food might be a good start.

I am not a big fan of diets but read 'French women don't get fat' by Mirielle Guiliano years and years ago and still find myself trying to incorporate the basic principles on a day to day basis . . .

  • Keep a strict food diary
  • Everything in moderation. Balance. Small portions.
  • Soup, soup, soup! (Leek soup in this case)
  • Eat lots of fresh, in season produce
  • Eat for pleasure - savour your food
  • Drink lots of water
  • Increase incidental exercise

Voila! Pretty simple really. So, in anticipation I have calorie king on the download and a trip to City Markets planned for this evening. Apparently I should be starting my day with a big glass of water, not a coffee . . . so bit of a shock to the system in store for tomorrow morning!

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