Monday, 25 July 2011

Bargain Hunting in Tauranga

Since moving to Tauranga I havn't settled into the routine of having my hair done at one particular salon. The place I was frequenting in Papamoa shutdown, I was going to Lesley James for a while (but only because I felt like I had to commit to someone), and have brought a few vouchers on GrabOne and similar websites.

I also have a really bad habit of snipping out any split ends I spot in my hair between cuts (drives my Husband craaazy!)

Anyway, as I walk past Hair to Train everyday and their prices seemed just too good to be true, I thought I would try them out. Basically this is a hairdressing/ beauty academy where the students practise on customers. A little scary, but I reasoned that my hair is long enough that they couldn't muck it up too much. Luckily I was right!

The salon was pretty crammed and a little noisy, nothing flash. The girl who cut my hair was lovely, but painfully slow (on a positive note very, very careful, which is a good thing). I had my hair washed, cut and straightened. Took 1.5 hours. Cost me 8 dollars. I repeat, 8 dollars.

Not sure that I would have a colour done here, 1. as they don't open on the weekend or do late nights so I would need to take time off work and 2. a few of the students working in the salon didn't have very nice colours (and I assume they must also be practising on each other?) 

Will definately be doing this again sometime soon . . . saving 50 or so dollars a cut is just too good to pass up! I do love a good bargain.

I am even contemplating booking myself in for a one hour facial later in the week, which will set me back another $12. Awesome. I am not brave enough to test the waxing services though! 

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