Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pluto Juice, Soup and Salad Bar

Pluto Juice, Soup and Salad Bar
Devonport Road
Downtown Tauranga

Never fails to deliver no matter what your food mood may be.

Juice or (I personally prefer) Smoothies - good for breaky on the go or a light lunch. Soups - they do the most delicious Seafood Chowder, and their Tomato soup comes with an optional pesto swirl, which is so yummy but very rich!

And Salads - your usual staples as well a few different choices, such as the Pad Thai (shown below) and hiding underneath Caesar salad. I always try to remember to ask for a half & half with two different salads. 

Yum + reasonably priced, and the couple who run the place
are always so friendly and happy.      Ahh, lovely. 

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