Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mini Mid Winter Red Velvet Christmas Puddings

Phew! What a mouthful! 

These delicious little treats are made using your basic truffle/ rum ball method, I used red velvet cake as my base but have seen similar recipes using proper christmas cake (which I don't like). So. 

Bake a red velvet chocolate cake.

Crumble up said cake once cool. 

Add icing (cream cheese in this case) 

And for extra flavour, a handful of chopped cranberries and a dash of rum.


Roll into little balls and refrigerate. (I left mine in overnight)
'Whip up' another batch of cream cheese icing.
Drizzle over each mini pudding and add a cranberry to the top. 
Refrigerate. Consume.

This is also a sneaky trick you can use for cake/ cupcakes/ muffin failures.
 Dip in chocolate for truffles or decorate and add a stick for cake pops.

Bite sized mid winter christmas treats!

Enjoy x


  1. Hey there...just stopping by from yesterdays comment love day at FTLOB. These look super easy and delicious. Thanks for sharing. I love your 30 Little Things List too btw. Good luck with getting all your goals crossed off :)

  2. Hi Lindsay, thanks for taking a look :) I was actually thinking the other day I need to get a wriggle on with my little list! I am loving your blog, looks like you have ended up in a beautiful part of the world x

  3. YUM. They look fantastic! I really don't like proper Christmas cake either so the red velvet cake idea is much better :)