Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mid Winter Christmas: Southern Style

When in the US I always try to OD on Southern Style comfort food at least once, gorging on wings from Hooters or during a visit to my all time favourite, Brother Jimmys.

And some of my best Christmas memories ever were while in New York . . . Christmas lights, snow throughout central park, early morning shopping at Macys while severely jet lagged and above all Christmas dinner at the Southern style restaurant we were lucky enough to stumble upon. This was my first encounter with cornbread by the way - I was in heaven!

Anyway, we couldn't decide between recreating that experience or a traditional roast for our Mid Winter Christmas meal and decided to do both. So Greedy but soooo good! My only advice to you when indulging in Southern Style is to make this your one meal of the day.

Forget eating like the French - make like the Americans and go for it!


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