Sunday, 10 July 2011

Weekend away - Auckland

Always nice to get out of Tauranga for a little every once in a while. 

A few highlights from my weekend away:

Bit of bargain hunting in Onehunga.

Nosh Glen Innes  - Food Mecca
Stocked up on Mexican supplies!
Picked up some yummy American goodies from Martha's Backyard.

A friend cooked up an Indian Feast Saturday night . . . 


Headed into town to watch the Crusaders game at Foxes Ale House . . . 

Before popping into my new favourite bar in Auckland:

Interesting decor + board games - felt like we were off visiting Grandma!

MIL has been knitting hats for prem babies at the hospital - so cute.

And as always thoroughly spoiled us with baked goods . . .


Absolutely exhausted now, so no Sunday cook off 
 found the drive back a bit tiring so . . .
I am afraid I am good for nothing tonight !

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