Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wannabe Vegetarian. (+warm olives recipe!)

I am such a wannabe vegetarian . . . and lucky for me my husband shares the same taste in food as I. We waiver more towards pescetarian (fish/seafood only) most of the time and eat free range meat when we do go there.

I know a lot of people who are not quite as enthralled with vege only eating: (friend: 'maybe we could have a meat free meal once a week?' friends' partner: 'No.') I think a lot of people still think vege eating is going to mean a big plate of lettuce. Or silverbeet! 

Lately we've been trying to be a bit more experimental with our main meal of the day. Here are a couple of the meat free meals we have come up with!

My husband makes the best indian food . . . tasty and hot hot hot. Quite often I'll end up with a bit of a sweat going on after eating one of his curries! This is the Chickpea Korma he served up earlier this week . . .

One night we dined on Bangers and Mash - vege styles - with soy protein sausages and onion gravy. It was pretty tasty!

Pumpkin, Feta and Pine nut  spaghetti - This one is a winner!

And one night we were more peckish then anything and didn't want a full meal . . . so we snacked on Warm Olives with feta and garlic pita bread:

Warming olives seems to really enhance their flavour. This recipe is quick and easy and is the perfect starter / snack food.

1 small red onion
1 crushed clove of garlic
1 cup of stuffed olives, drained
1 lemon

Finely chop the onion and brown in a frying pan, add garlic. Add to this the rind and juice of the lemon and stir through before adding the olives. Warm the olives through. Serve with feta cheese. 

Vege food definitely doesn't mean for boring eating! Plus bypassing the meat section at the supermarket saves heaps (leaving more money for treats like wine & beer!)  x

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