Friday, 5 August 2011

Date Night: Spuntino, Avalanche City

Enjoyed being a bit of a muso this week . . . love live music but do find that at times it can be slim pickings in Tauranga!

We indulged in a bit of Italiano pre gig, with a visit to Spuntino a tad overdue, have had a Grabone voucher kicking about for a while now.

I had the Italian Fish Stew, which was yummo, but wish I'd ordered the Spuntino - seafood spaghetti with puffy garlic bread cooked over the bowl, very impressive! I was just a little bit jealous.

Avalanche City at Illuminate. It was a surprisingly small crowd really and the dynamics made for a bit of a funny gig.

  • I like Dave Baxter because he managed to teach himself to sing and he has a beard. (maybe I could do that too? probably not, definitely not the beard part.)
  • Also because he decided to play a gig in Tauranga, and about a five minute walk from my house! 
  • Brought tickets to see Avalanche city earlier in the year at the whiskey bar in Auckland, but we over committed ourselves and couldn't go. It was a sad day indeed.
  • I walked down the aisle to 'Love, Love, Love' the day before it went No. 1 in New Zealand. I think the music video might be my favourite of all time.

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