Sunday, 21 August 2011

Pretty Bow Scarf

When I decided I might like to knit myself a scarf, I didn't really think it through properly, at all . . . seeing as I can't knit to save my own life. Anyway, as it was one of my 30 Little Things, I thought I really must give it a go before winter slips away.

Not too successfully.

This is my version of 'How to knit yourself a Scarf'.

1. Find a pattern. I had spotted a bow scarf in an old copy of the Notebook magazine so went in search of something similar. That's when I started to freak out a little, as I didn't understand a word of it!

2. Buy wool. Easy Peasy.

3. Procrastinate.

4. Moan to MIL about said procrastination.

5. Procrastinate a little more. Stare longingly at wool as imagining how nice it would be to have a scarf magically knit itself.  

6. Leave pattern and wool lying around while staying at MIL's one weekend. Leave the house for a few hours. 

6. Ta Da!  Pretty Bow Scarf? Done. 

Not really what I had envisioned when I started out but . . . ended up with what I wanted, a pretty bow scarf . . . definitely bit off more than I could chew with this project, but wasn't that hard in the end, with a little help!  ;) 

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