Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mexican bean dip + Teddy Tortilla Chips

I almost can't believe I ever actually brought pre-packaged tortillas. Love making these at home. Am crap at rolling tortillas and havn't yet invested in a tortilla press (on my to-do list!) And I needed a good excuse to 'test' out my new teddy bear cookie cutters, so thought I'd give teddy tortilla chips a try. 

Basically I rolled out the tortilla dough nice and thin, stamped out the teddies, cooked each side quickly in a pan and then whipped under the grill to crisp up.

  Seasoned with a little garlic salt. 

So delicious served up with Bean dip - vege black bean chilli popped into the oven for ten minutes or so with a layer of cheese on top. If you haven't tried this before you are in for a treat! 

Almost too cute to eat! 

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