Monday, 22 August 2011

Much Love Monday . . . waffles!

This week my mission in life has been to score myself breakfast in bed . . . unfortunately I failed at all attempts. I am the resident 'morning person' and getting the man of the house out of bed for anything other then a shower and a scramble to get ready is pretty much out of the question. 

As a compromise my lovely husband suggested we have breakfast for dinner one night. So we had waffles. Because we can.

Just Lovely.

My highs for the week included:

An awesome makeup sale which came to town, I spent next to nothing and feel like I was able to restock pretty much my entire makeup bag! Nothing more satisfying then knowing you should chuck your mascara after six months and actually doing it (something I'm usually terribly slack at).

Entertaining, what felt like all weekend. Nice to have plenty of people coming and going, especially with the sun shining and lots of leftovers to live off now for the rest of the week! 

Getting to 50 Twitter followers! Woop Woop! May not seem a lot to some, but for me it was a milestone :)

Aaaaand . . . ticking off the first of my 30 Little Things . . . even if I did cheat a little! 

Have a lovely week everyone!