Friday, 2 September 2011

De Bier House

De Bier House is the best bar in Tauranga City, let's admit it! Yes, sure the Cornerstone is maybe a little more popular, and Syndicate is up and coming with cheaper food, but De Bier House is a mainstay. Always busy, awesome live music and a barman who looks like the guy out of One Tree Hill. It's true.

This is my 'local'. 
And tonight I arrived to discover a new addition: blankies. 

That's right, if you feel the chill and outside gas heaters don't quite do the trick, grab a blankie and you'll be right.  And they stock Little Creatures beer. Maybe the only Tauranga bar which does? 

Sorry, bit of a blurry shot! But you get the idea! (Cosy!)

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