Wednesday, 10 October 2012

BBQ! + blue cheese and mushroom sauce

Yesssss! Finally it is BBQ season, such a treat!

I am loving daylight savings, more time in the evenings for getting out and about, in particular chilling out while dining alfresco style on the deck. After a long winter of inactivity the BBQ has finally made its seasonal debut . . .

This recipe is for steak served with blue cheese and mushroom sauce and is pretty simple to put together considering how spectacular it tastes.

Ingredients:  (enough for four servings)

100 grams Blue cheese
100 ml Cooking cream
Small onion, chopped
Half a dozen chopped button mushrooms 

This sauce doesn't take too long to make - approximately five minutes - which is perfect considering that's about how much time it took for my Husband to perfectly cook scotch fillet steaks on the BBQ!

In a food processor blitz the blue cheese and cooking cream until smooth:

Meanwhile, in a pan brown the onion and mushrooms:

Add the blue cheese mix to the pan, stir through and heat slightly 
(takes about ten seconds!)


See? Simple! But absolutely delicious.

This sauce is so versatile - you can easily change up the amount of cheese / mushrooms / cream depending on the amount of sauce you want and what you are doing with it - you don't need a lot for this dish, but you may want more if you were to use it as a pasta sauce.

In the spirit of a good old BBQ this was served with a couple of salad sides - coleslaw and a bean salad. YUM!

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