Friday, 14 October 2011

Lemon Detox Diet- Done.

I did it. Don't quite know how I managed to, but I lasted ten days. And then I decided that enough was enough! I don't want to make too much of this as the lemon detox diet and detoxing in general seem to be quite controversial subjects, but here is a bit of a mini review of my experience:

How much did it cost? 
The below pack cost $141 incl postage from here.

What do you get for that?
Enough syrup, cayanne pepper, salt and senna tea for a 14 day detox, plus the book and promotional material. The only ingredient you need on top of this is fresh lemons (I went through 3 a day).

How does it work? 
For a 7 or 10-14 day period you live on a liquid source of nutrition (syrup, cayanne pepper, lemon juice and water) which you drink throughout the day along with at least two litres of water. This is to give your digestive system a rest, allowing your body to use the energy saved in the detoxing process. Apparently the detoxification depends hugely on the 'elimination' of wastes from the body, which is where the salt water flush and senna tea come in.

The first day (Monday) was definately the hardest, I woke up early to do the salt water flush (so unpleasant I only repeated it one other day while doing this and instead replaced with a cup of senna tea). All I could taste all day was the salt, so the lemon detox drink tasted awful at first.

Tuesday to Friday I was fine during the day but would get home from work, and an hour later be ready for bed! I walk for approx forty minutes a day (back and forth from work) and that was all the exercise I could manage. After that I was fine, just bored, bored, bored - with the lack of variety, with not having enough energy for proper workouts and with life in general . . . felt like I was just wishing my life away over a ten day period. By day 8 it was fairly plain sailing, I could have easily gone for longer but I was just so over it by that stage!

I was making up three 600ml bottles of the drink containing 30ml syrup, juice from 1 lemon, pinch cayanne pepper and water at breakfast, lunch and dinner and sipping throughout the day. I went through one bottle of the syrup so still have a full bottle sitting at home, should I be brave enough to try this again a few months down the track.

I did not feel hungry once during the whole ten days - just deprived which was more of a mental thing, I felt like I was missing out on everything! Couldn't wait to start eating normal food again but craved 'healthy' food only (fresh fruit and veges especially).

I've lost just over 4 kilos, but I'm sure some will come back now I am eating properly again. I just feel better somehow - healthier, less bloated, clear headed. My skin is clearer, and people at work who I didn't tell that I was doing this have commented on how well I am looking.

I definately think that this would not be a good idea for everyone, it was really tough going. I saw it as a bit of a kickstart to a healthier lifestyle and as that I think it has served me well. I just needed a bit of a reset to make me aware of just how much crap I was putting into my body! I also think that this will help me appreciate my food more - appreciating tastes and savouring food rather then mindless eating.
Today (Friday) is my first day of being 100% back to (normal)! Woke up early, did a workout, fresh fruit for breakfast. No caffeine cravings, no desire to eat crap (for now). Will be interesting to see how long that lasts!

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  1. Hey, so how long did your weight loss last for or is it still off?