Friday, 24 June 2011

Sushi Plus

Sushi Plus
Devonport Road
Downtown Tauranga

Friday treat lunch - Sushi! 

We grabbed lunch here as the other (more popular) sushi bars were packed out - one with a line right out the door. We were the only customers to eat in, and had the place to ourselves! There is ample seating, and this is the only place on Devonport Road, as far as I am aware, with a deck out back overlooking the waterfront. 

The sushi display leaves a lot to be desired, with sushi is covered in glad wrap rather then displayed in a glass cabinet as seems to be the norm. However, it was all pretty tasty, my only complaint was that the avocado wasn't ripe. There are also a selection of hot meals available to order.

Certainly not the best value or quality sushi in the City, but fairly tasty.
And just what I needed to get me through the afternoon.

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