Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday, Monday

I am lucky enough to live and work centrally, and walk to and from, so handy!

A few little things that cheer me up on my daily commute, should I need it, for instance because it is a Monday morning . . .

This little man, attached to the wall on the corner of Willow and Spring Streets:

My shoe bag! Walking distance being juuuust far enough to justify a change in footwear, I tend to wear my uggs for the walk to work, and change into something more presentable on my arrival. Very cheap with purchase from Cotton on, and I do so like Owls. Delightful.

Tonight I plan to venture out for a social event - The Priority One Western Bay at Work launch. On a Monday night and all! Nevertheless I have been lured out on the promise of a free glass of vino - only one mind, as I will be driving - most inconvenient having to leave the city!   

And it was well worth the trip! - Found New Zealander of the Year, Sir Paul Callaghan 
most inspiring and it was fun seeing the Western Young Innovator of the Year winners.

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